Are Girl Scouts Outselling Your Sales Force?

Earlier this month my daughter and her Girl Scout friends received their awards for cookie sales. These girls were on fire this year and as I look at the reasons why they did so well, individually and as a team, I couldn’t help but notice that the factors contributing to their success are the very same factors that will make or break your sales force.

They were motivated and goal driven. Beyond the satisfaction of knowing their world would be a better place with more Girl Scout cookies in it, the girls knew what they were playing for; each of them had chosen the level of success they desired and had picked out the pre-determined prizes they were each going to get when they reached the level. Beyond that, they knew the more they sold the more money would be left over for a party and a trip. They were in it to win and had the written goals to prove it. How many people on your team have written goals? And do you know what motivates each of your salespeople?


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