Most companies have an unimpressive track record when it comes to sales selection, or the ability to consistently recruit salespeople that achieve and over achieve. The question is whether you want to accept your track record as an indicator of future hiring success, or you want to put the past behind you and develop and embrace a sales recruiting process that is repeatable, duplicatable and consistently delivers the sales talent you need to grow your company. We can help you develop that process, using world-class tools, strategies and competencies.

Make Every New Sales Hire An Upgrade

We're serious about changing the face of sales recruitment. And a company with a serious mission like ours backed by a serious guarantee needs customers who are equally serious about getting their sales recruitment right. If that resonates with you, let us know and we'll be in touch. 

When it comes to recruiting salespeople, we provide clients with a turnkey process that utilizes our world-class, predictive Sales Candidate Assessments. The only two numbers that you need to know about are 75% (percentage of candidates that were hired against our recommendations, who failed in their first 6 months) and 92% (percentage of candidates we recommended that were hired and rose to the top half of their sales forces within 12 months).


Eliminate 96% Of Sales Recruitment Mistakes

Imagine having a sales recruitment program so reliable that you could eliminate 96% ofyour sales hiring mistakes and never again be fooled by a sales or sales manager candidate's charming personality, past track record or exaggerated resume.

Stop Guessing and Start Predicting Top Sales Talent

You won’t have to wait six months to a year to learn whether your candidate will succeed in your difficult business. Our Guaranteed Sales Hire recruitment program provides predictive, instant access to accurate, insightful results that thousands of successful companies rely upon to hire winning salespeople, sales managers, and sales VPs.

Perfectly Match Your Role to Their Skills

We combine our proven criteria for sales success with what an effective salesperson must do in your business to consistently achieve success. Hiring criteria has a sliding scale. The greater the role difficulty, the more difficult the criteria. We even suggest Interviewing questions on every sales candidate’s report.


Imagine a Sales Organization Where Everyone Hits Their Targets...

If you're anything like our clients were before we started working together, you're probably thinking it's impossible to have a sales team where every single salesperson reaches their goals and overachieves on their objectives. That's okay. We love skeptical prospects. Bring us all your doubt and all the reasons why it will never work in your industry, with your products, at your price point, with your customers and let us show you that it does. It starts with a decision to suspend your disbelief just long enough for you to experience the results for yourself. What have you got to lose? If your new hire doesn't work out for any reason, you're covered by our guarantee.

In a tougher, more competitive economic climate, most salespeople lack the skills to be as effective as you need them to be in order to help you grow revenue. The question is, where are the skill gaps and can these salespeople develop the skills they currently lack? We can help you identify the skill gaps, whether they can be developed to fill those gaps, and their potential upside.

Make Every New Hire An Upgrade

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