Sleuthing the Clues that Lead to Revived Revenue Growth


I have never met a CEO who didn't want to know the fastest and most effective way to grow revenue and create a culture of positivity through winning. The best company leaders know that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and that without the right strategy, people and processes, the culture will deteriorate and mediocrity will prevail.

Aligning your strategy to your people, processes, and systems creates the engine for a winning culture to prevail. People need to know exactly what to do and why they are doing it. Leaders need to execute from a roadmap that was created based on the goals of the strategy. Salespeople need to be able to bring the value of that strategy to market with a rallying cry that brings the team together to dominate your market and satisfy the needs of your ideal customers.

 "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Sounds easy enough, right? It is if you know how to build the roadmap. But to build the roadmap accurately, effectively, and with unambiguous and unbiased data, you must have answers to the most important questions that impact revenue growth and cultural effectiveness.

Questions like:

What's the opportunity for this unit, division, group, territory?

How Does Sales Leadership Impact Our Sales Force?

What Are Our Current Sales Capabilities?

Can We Generate More New Business?

These questions must also be answered:

  • Can We Be Better at Reaching Actual Decision Makers?
  • Can We Shorten Our Sales Cycle?
  • Can We Sell More Consultatively?
  • Can We More Effectively Sell Value?
  • Is Our Value Proposition Consistent?
  • Can We Close More Sales?
  • Do Our Systems and Processes Support a High Performance Sales Organization?
  • Can We Be More Consistent with Our Sales Process?
  • How Well Are Our Sales Leadership Strategies Aligned?
  • Do We Need to Change Our Selection Criteria?
  • Can We Improve Ramp-Up?
  • Can We Improve Our Pipeline and Forecasting Accuracy?
  • Can We Improve Our Sales Culture?
  • Who Can Become More Effective in Their Roles?

And finally:

What Can We Fix or Implement Now That Will Have The Biggest Revenue Impact On the Next 18-24 Months?

The right Revenue Growth Roadmap provides all of the answers to these questions and gives you the steps you must take to reach the level of growth you know you are capable of reaching.

You know that number. It's the one you don't share with your team, your shareholders, or your golf buddies. It's the number you silently say to yourself but are afraid to say out loud. You can say it now. It's safe to grow. We have the answers to get you there.

I help CEOs and presidents of mid-market companies grow revenue and put a halt to mediocrity. In addition to providing tools and strategies for exponential revenue growth at Align Strategic, our RaaS, Guaranteed Sales Hire, also helps mid-market CEOs and their teams recruit sales and sales leadership talent with guaranteed results. If you found this article helpful, please consider sharing it. If you'd like to learn more about how we help CEOs significantly grow revenue click here. If you'd like to connect on Linkedin, please follow me and send me an invitation to connect.

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