10 Top Traits of an Ultra-Elite CEO

Great CEOs have qualities that make them unparalleled assets to their organization's revenue growth and profitability. They realize that all of their actions as a leader impact results, and they strive to become intentional about making that impact positive.

These traits are found in the best of the best CEOs regardless of gender, color, age, or industry.

10. They ask questions and listen to their leaders and their individual contributors to get the answers they need.

9. They have very little patience for incompetence at any level of the organization.

8. They hold people accountable to behaviors, attitudes, skills, and expectations that matter most.

7. They overcommunicate the values and mission and let people know where they stand with regard to upholding them.

6. They demand the best from everyone, and they lead by example.

5. They lead the way and drive change by embodying a mission mindset and an execution-driven environment.

4. They set clear expectations and impose well-understood consequences for failure.

3. They aren't afraid to terminate anyone, including company "legends" when expectations aren't met.

2. They are decisive and forward moving.

1. They know revenue drives everything else, and they let nothing stand in the way of executing profitable revenue growth.

Great CEOs have many more excellent traits and qualities, but these are the ten that separate the good from the truly elite.

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