Could These Be What's Keeping You From Dominating Your Space?

We've all sat through the endless SWOT sessions and rehashed all of the potential threats and weaknesses keeping us from fully leveraging our strengths and opportunities. But what if there's more to it? What if the real threats and weaknesses lie closer to home than we ever realized? What if they have been there all along and we never even suspected? What if they are hiding out in your mind and the minds of your people, waiting until you, or they, need to execute a tactic? The enemy is closer than you think and you should be concerned.

Have you ever had someone on your team with exceptional product knowledge and above average skills miss targets regularly?

Have you observed members of your team struggling to accomplish the same tasks and goals even though they have been trained and coached to do them?

Does your team regularly use price as a way to gain leverage over the competition?

Do members of your team regularly blame the company or the competition or other outside forces for failure?

Do any of your managers fail to confront mediocrity in their direct reports and instead rely on themselves to do the selling?

Do any of your managers ever find themselves saying the same things over and over again with few, if any, lasting change?

These are just a few of the indications of weaknesses that could be responsible for your lack of sales success. The good news is that there are ways to diagnose these weaknesses and to fix them. There are even ways to avoid hiring people with too many of them or with the most lethal combinations of them.

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