Still Pardoning the Turkeys on Your Sales Team?

Most of the leaders I know are truly kind people. And they all want to do the right thing. But sometimes, especially when it comes to choosing who stays on your team, it can feel like those two things are in opposition. But I can assure you they are not. In fact, being kind and doing the right thing almost always go hand-in-hand. But only if you exercise discernment.

Too often, I see weak sales leaders - who want to please the wrong people - make the silliest choices when it comes to selecting and retaining sales talent. They keep the people they like, despite the fact that some of them consistently miss their targets, are not the right fit culturally, or push back on leadership initiatives. You know the turkey who hates the new sales collateral, resists using the new CRM, and metaphorically rolls their eyes at any new initiative. Somehow they end up making through every cut while the rest of the team works their tails off to get and stay up to speed.

This end up wrecking the sales culture, destroying the impact the sales manager has on team leadership, and often causes the sales manager to have to "sell in the gaps" to make their numbers.

Well, it's time to stop pardoning those turkeys and start hiring the kind of sales team that can and will win more business, blow their targets away, and jump in with both feet ready to execute on every new initiative.

If you think you may have a few turkeys that can and should be saved, check this out and learn how you can help diagnose the most egregious sales weaknesses.

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