Benchmarking doesn't work. The problem with looking at only the top performers, and then looking for common personality traits, is that inevitably, the bottom performers will have the same attributes as those you identify in the top performers. Benchmarking to predict sales success will nearly always produce a false postive. Get a Tailored Fit Analysis instead!

Tailor Fit Analysis

The purpose of our Tailor Fit analysis is to identify the specific findings and scores of your top sales performers that your bottom performers don't have. Once defined, we can then measure sales candidates against our predictive criteria, your top performers, and your custom criteria as defined by the specific sales role specifications.

Custom Role Specification

Create a wider, deeper, and more meaningful layer of customization for your sales role specification ensuring that all of the candidates in your final selection pool are tailored fit to the sales role, the market, and your sales culture.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Tailor Fit provides the conditions for perfect fitting sales management and leadership hires who ramp up faster, create success sooner, and stay with you longer. Tailored fit equals peace of mind plus profitability.

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